Houston TX Restaurants That The Locals Would Recommend

These Houston Texas restaurants you are about to discover are going to make your mouth water. When you pick from the best of the best in such a big city, you are going to be wined and dined like you wouldn’t believe. The food will be superb, and the service warm and friendly. Get ready to enjoy some of the top ranked restaurants that are located in the great city of Houston, Texas.

Empire Cafe is one of those great picks, and its location is 17132 Westheimer Road. The breakfast tacos served up there are said to be quite delicious. Then there are the frittatas. The coffee is said to be exceptional, too. As you can see, this restaurant is a wonderful place to enjoy brunch with your family. One other suggestion is people say the pasta dishes are also delightful. Does Empire Cafe sound like a plan?

Another choice is The Brisket House, and it is located at 5775 Woodway Drive. You can tell already that brisket is the main draw, but they also serve up other delicious barbecued meats as well. Authentic Texas barbecue awaits you, and that’s what I’m talking about. Reviews point to the fact that The Brisket House has been around for quite some time. You might also like to know that the brisket is smoked for 18 hours.

Since this is Houston TX we are talking about here, let’s look at a second barbecue restaurant. You want to get your fill of Texas barbecue for sure. The place is called The Pit Room, and it is located at 1201 Richmond Avenue. Pork ribs, smoked turkey, Texas chili and more are served up at this great choice for a barbecue restaurant in Houston. One person left a review that claims this place serves up the best brisket in Houston. While The Brisket House will have something to say about that I’m sure, both of these barbecue restaurants would be great to stop by for a family lunch or dinner.

To round out this short list, I’m going to give you one more great pick. Hobbit Cafe is located at 2243 Richmond Avenue. I’ll let you discover what all is on the menu at this top ranked dining establishment. See where you and your family end up first as you explore Houston TX and stop for great meals. You guys will enjoy yourselves and eat well in the process.